This project was created as a design student during my time at Florida International University, I selected the non-profit organization "Dream in Green Miami" because they work with schools within Miami-Dade County to educate children about climate change and guide them to become more sustainable citizens.
The Challenge: Educate children between school ages K-12 about the ongoing issue of climate change, and how their actions now can positively affect the future for their generation and others.
The Solution: Create a campaign with posters that can be placed at schools throughout Miami-Dade County to create awareness of some of the most common environmental issues that are happening due to climate change. Hoping that everyone that views these posters can be curious to find out about climate change, and what they can do to help fight it.
The Approach: Since the target audience is children (ages 5-18), I concluded that the best art direction for this project would be with bright, colorful illustrations that could captivate children's attention and communicate metaphors about topics such as plastic polution, energy conversation, eating healthy and more. I decided to include a small sentence in each poster related to the specific topic that was addressed, I chose to use a hand drawn approach to the text, as if a child had written on the poster. Of course I took into consideration the composition of each poster and made sure the text followed the form and did not distract from the main visual which is what was meant to communicate the message more.
These posters were donated to the non-profit organization "Dream in Green Miami" so they could utilize them in any of their print or digital campaigns.
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