The Problem:
Create a new experience for music lovers where they can find new music suggestions and interact with other people.
The Solution:
Develop an application wherein users can find music stops that contain playlists made by other users, and having the ability to listen to other people's music recommendations and socialize with them.
Part One:
Paper Prototyping

At first, it was ideal to walk around the University of Miami campus to get an idea of how the app would function. Many people enjoy listening to music while they walk around; whether to exercise, think, or simply to get to their next destination. For many people, music compliments their daily experiences. I created a faux paper iPhone and walked around while holding it since the app would utilize a map with the user's location, similar to Pokémon Go and Snapchat. After creating a paper prototype video to present and get feedback, it was time to get to the drawing board and make changes and create low-fidelity wireframes.
Part Two:
Wireframes + Prototype
The original idea did not include social interaction with other players, it was mainly a music suggestion experience based on an algorithm, but after analyzing all the feedback from my beta testers, they all mentioned how it would be nice to interact with other players and exchange music that way, so I went back to the drawing board and recreated the experience with a new color scheme, a more clear layout and map, and focused mainly on the main features; find new music left by other players, and being able to drop off one's songs for others to find, and repeat. 

I also incorporated voice command elements, so that users who are visually-impaired can still utilize the app and, even though it would be a slower experience, they can still participate and find new music to add to their library, I believe it is important to be fully inclusive when designing


Initital prototyped screens done in Figma

Main screen of the app showing all the local music stops closest to the player, as well as showing at the bottom the current songs in queue.

Screen showing the playlist at one of the music stops, with the most popular song at the top, and other songs below it. The player can select any songs, listen to them and after that, they can replace a song for their own suggestion, and so the playlist gets updated each time for other players.

Screen showing the user profile and info; their social media icons, username, favorite music and genres, and their music history  as well as the ability to befriend them.

Part Three:
Coded Prototype

After creating a prototype using Figma, and getting a sense of the initial look and feel of the app, we decided to create a low-fidelity prototype using Dart via Flutter, since ideally we want our app to be cross platform compatible. We have not implemented the map yet, as we plan to do that after initial research and a Usability Test, which will help us uncover any initial opportunities.
Current Progress Video Below:
Note: This project is ongoing since its inception in 2021, and I will continue working on it as part of my overall capstone/final project, during my graduate school experience at University of Miami, stay tuned for updates.
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