Jeveux Music is a music streaming application inspired by fellow music streaming apps such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and more. All of them offer a great user experience and have beautiful interfaces so it was tough to compete in their market.
It was imperative to choose a color scheme that would be unique, versatile, neutral and would be able to compete with current apps in the music streaming market. Golden yellow was used as the main color because of its boldness and attending-grabbing ability, accompanied by black, dark gray and light gray as well.
Golden yellow is featured in important UI elements such as call to action buttons, artist page, the logo, the song progress bar, etc. It demands attention while bolstering the other thousand of colors being used on the 'Now Playing' screen or album artworks.

High-Fidelity Prototypes

Erik Soriano Neveux Music App Miami Barcelona
For the promotional advertisements of Jeveux Music, Bright and bold colors will be used. Circular shapes will be used as well as rectangles to allude to the motifs used in the logo as the now playing screen, plus, circles are friendly and are powerful as focal points to guide the user through the design.
Other visual elements that will be heavily used will be cassettes, vinyl records, compact discs and stereos, paying homage to evolution of music in all media and at the same time celebrating the past while embracing the current most consumed media of music being digital streaming.
See below this text to interact with the app in real time. Test it out and let us know your feedback, remember, this is a work in progress.

Promo video for Jeveux Music

Hi-fi prototype of the app in action, with background music to give the viewer a sense of the interaction

The app features interactive components that are completely option to the user and can be easily toggled on and off

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