Erik Soriano
Ayesha Bakshi
Taylor Murdock

3 Weeks Sprint

Visual Studio Code
Xcode/Android Simulator
App Description:​​​​​​​
ForGood assists users in finding local volunteering opportunities with the objective of bringing people together through good deeds. The app allows users to select weekly challenges that are positive thing such as helping people, while creating a fun and competitive experience.
Target Audience:
Beginner volunteers, young adults, High school and college students interested in making a positive change in their communities.
• Users fill out a quiz at the beginning, which unlocks a list of options with volunteering opportunities
• Ability to pick any four challenges, and weekly track progress
• Users can then challenge their friends and compete to see who volunteers more to help the community
Phase 1:
Ideation + Brainstorming
Our team wanted to create a useful and impactful mobile experience for people who enjoyed helping others, and had some extra time during the week or weekends to do good deeds. We divided the work between the three of us, with me being the programming lead, since I was the most comfortable one with the programming language Dart. One person worked on the quiz, while the other one worked on creating the opportunities and the logo and branding, and the other one worked on the scripts and the logic to connect all functions seamlessly.
Phase 2:
We created several "if else" functions for the quiz, and the end, based on the user's choices that would then generate an array (or list) of volunteering opportunities for the user. Once the user clicked on the "submit" button, the values of the text would transfer into the empty strings of text in the selectable list. We basically moved text from one screen to another, and saving it as a state. 

For the challenges page, we used circle indicators for users to keep track of their weekly progress, with the ability to the percentage they had completed. Another future feature that could be implemented, is the ability to share challenges to friends, and have a contest, this way the app remains a fun experience, while the users do good things for others. 
User/Logic Flow:
1. The user takes the initial to get personalized volunteering opportunities/objectives for the week
2. The user then goes to the Challenges tab to select 4/6 options given to them; these are based on the results of the initial quiz
3. Once the've selected 4 items, they can start volunteering, and track their progress using the challenges tab
4. Every week, the user gets score with their weekly goals, and they can start again every week, or fill out quiz for different options
Implementation Issues
We were able to connect all three pages in Dart, but we were experiencing some issues in the part where user gets the results from the quiz; the list of options was not transferring 'String' data from one variable to the next (which we needed), so we tested several ways to transfer the text, after user clicks a certain a button.

See Demo Video Below:
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