I've had the pleasure of working in-house for one of Miami's top Commercial Real Estate firms. I've been in charge of their branding and aesthetics for more than two years and recently I re-designed their look from a darker theme with white text and overlays, to a more neutral and light themed with grays and whites and some accents of their signature green. I was advised that while their logo is green, they did not wish to use it that much.

Given the nature of Commercial Real Estate marketing where the photos of properties are the biggest selling points, I opted for a cleaner user-driven look to let the images do the talking while being complimented by the white canvas with gray accents and black text.
The company's mission and culture is very straight-forward, professional but approachable, down to earth but bold, so I decided to use black bold typography for headers and titles alongside a regular/thin style typography to get the messages straight to the point.

Usually in Real Estate there are highlights that need to be done in maps or on the properties themselves, so I chose a neutral yellow for this, always assuring that it stands out while not throwing off the other colors in the design.

Note: I did not create the logo of this company, all photos and text content are property of Chariff Realty Group, and I do not claim ownership of them.
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