This is a redesign of one of my favourite books,  Want To Play? by P.J. Tracy. This was one of the projects in my Graphic Design courses. the story is a mystery thriller about a serial killer and a group of video game developers.
The imagery on the front cover shows the idea of a deadly game, with the CD being stained with blood. The hand was also colored black to represent the mystery of the killer's identity. The choice of using alternate colors mirroring on both sides reflects the idea of never knowing a person's other side. 
This poster was created to bring awareness to the issue that a lot of children struggle with, lack of education. More specifically a lack of accessible schools and facilities. I used the metaphor of "hole in education" to show that there is room for improvement in school systems throughout the world.
This was a proposal for the magazine "Scientific American" on an article about the mind. It was a self- directed practice for one of my courses in Design School.
This is a custom font I created, each letter is made up of a single non-overlapping stroke.
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