Bigger Deal Salads is a restaurant/cafe that offers catering and take out of fresh custom salads in the Downtown Miami and Miami Beach areas, for entrepreneurs, realtors, or freelancers on the go who need a quick lunch or snack without breaking the wallet but demand quality and freshness.
For the visual design of the project cool, tropical colors were chosen: light green, teal, and salmon pink, all colors to give off a Miami tropical vibe, the greens symbolizing the freshness of the salads, and the salmon representing the proteins or meats available while still being a color representing freshness.

The fonts chosen were a mix of one serif + san serif fonts: Arial and Bodoni. Both fonts offered a good contrast of formality and easygoingness due to the nature of young professionals being the main target audience for the product. Bodoni was used for the logotype, menu options, sub-headers, and for display purposes, while Arial was used as the main font for content for its legibility and user-friendliness.
Two user personas were considered during the research phase: both were ambitious, tech-savvy, Miami locals that thrived on instant interactions and did not like to wait. They ate out lunch almost every day and needed something nutritious and fast that would not take up much time so they could solely focus on their daily goals, which sometimes involved quick important lunches with high end clients.
One of the priorities of the app is to be able to order food as fast as possible, in a few clicks, so naturally there would not be a need for many screens. The user simply would login/ sign up and be taken to a main screen where they could re-order their most recent salads, select from their all-time favorites, or even be recommended the most popular salads in the Miami area, all with the intent of making the transaction as fast as possible.
Below you will find a video that shows the application in action, taking care of a quick snack or lunch on the go, all with only a few taps or clicks.
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